Battles against media’s idea of the perfect woman

The constant fight against the media is a sham thought of the “Flawless Woman.” Lately, I have been watching the news, perusing articles, concentrating on media about perfect woman, and searching for whatever I can discover to make me feel that there is still trust in our reality. You will know where my worries lie if, by any chance, you have read any of my online journals. Those of you that are reading my blog for the first time, my worries are solid concerning ladies of today and their look for the genuine personality of themselves.

Today, Ladies have a savage competition. Upon addressing many men and they unequivocally told me that they could not trade their gender for any measure of cash. They feel sorry about the ladies of today. A few of them disclosed to me that they despise the fact wherever they look at the media’s concept of; “The Perfect Women” is stuck in their facial appearance. Beyond any doubt, it is pleasing to see, and any person will value a decent looking picture. Men are in a situation that they feel betraying their partner by not precisely knowing how to respond. I know, I know, few of you are imagining that it is the ladies’ shortcoming that the men think that way. I will concur at times, yet these men that I have addressed were very genuine in the way that they did not welcome it.

I think I am the first person to say yes to prostitution. Why? Since it keeps a portion of the rapist men of the roads from assaulting the reluctant ladies. I express yes to pornography because it keeps the men that are reluctant to approach genuine ladies eased of a very required natural discharge. Also, I show positive thoughts on alcohol taking and chocolate with frozen yogurt; however, my dear readers, before you disagree with me for what I just stated, here is my critic. “I do not like the force and unclear manner with which the media pushes this down our throats. When did we lose the privilege to pick what we need to have as the media’s concept of, “The Perfect Woman”, pushed down our throats each time we turn on the TV, drive down the road (billboards), open a magazine, walk into a bar, look in our young people room, or even tune in to a song.” I thought this was a free nation

I was reading an article that was publicizing the new TV line ups for this falls season. Reading the graphic violence utilized against women, I was so astonished. Episodes were demonstrating a lady whipping in a cage, with tape over her eyes, while a man’s hands are indicated getting her bloodied fingers through the bars of the confine and ripping off her fingernails. On the other side, a lady is tied up like a dog in a cellar by her purported cherishing husband. It even gets worse; there is one a lady incapacitated by a venomous spider bite, and she is being assaulted by a masked figure. These are what society is taking into account. I am humiliated to try and state this is my world seeing this.

When Janet Jackson slipped a peak of her nipple at a damn football match, people made a lot of noise. In a word… SAD!! The media has certainly made sense of how to profit at each lady’s expense. On a happy note, in my searching through the universe media, I found an exceptionally thriving business put out by DOVE. This commercial can be viewed on this youtube video: All that I can say is “Cheers Dove.” Dove is pushing hard and proceeding with a tough move to bring back what was put on this planet as, The Real Women. I also read an article that attempted to bring down this reviving change down. In the magazine where ladies pride themselves by using artificially glamorized models with unrealistic looks, called the Dove young ladies in this business. Ha! Now that is an apparent show of annihilation. They’re trying to demonstrate that ladies of today won’t have any desire to purchase from promotions that don’t guarantee you implausible beauty. Ladies, the media is, in reality, calling you inept to the extent I have read. I take that as an outright insult. The time has come for someone to stand up and gave the media’s negative activities a run for their cash.

Money made genuine ladies’ expensive, as I had mentioned. Additionally, they notice something as senseless as ladies stress on the off chance that they looked fat in their pants, as being an old age is being insecure. DUH! Nobody at any point said it was new, jeesh. I am also too inquisitive about how stout ladies today are happy to let the media’s concept of “The Perfect Woman” go. We are, as of now, the butt-end of the cosmetic medical surgery procedure joke. I think any woman would be turned off by Dove’s ideal ladies because they have been mentally programmed into believing that the media’s concept of “The Perfect Women” is what is real. I feel sorry about them. Women of today should be on the toes fighting back. Try not to give them a chance to turn, what is assumed to be genuine, into Barbie dolls. A significant number of ladies are in a dilemma about what is, and what is not. This is the reason why you suspect several ladies suffering from effects of low self-esteem, with cosmetic surgery procedure at each corner thus so many desires coming to us from the media on how ladies are supposed to look? Blah, blah.

It’s no big surprise; ladies are so confused. Well, I realize that there is strength in numbers, and I do know that there are more ladies today that are tired of the majority of the media’s thoughts. Women with low self-esteem, stand up, go to the store, and support DOVE. They profit, and perhaps there is a touch of truth that they also are using us as an approach to benefit. However, we have a spot to begin to turn things around. We will never have an option to turn them back; however, we can make them work for us, not against us. If anybody thinks that Dove has asked me, or paid me to discuss them in my blog, NO and NO. I am talking for the benefit of each lady out there who has been harmed by all the trash that the media is attempting to run our reality. Womens is glad to state that Dove is doing an excellent thing, on the “real ladies” of the present benefit.

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