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Beautiful celebrities have a major role to play in making women want wider hips. Their hourglass figures have appealed to women all across the globe. In trying to look like their role models, women wish to achieve a more feminine look by sporting a curvy figure. While it’s important to maintain a narrow waist, and a flat tummy, women would like to increase the size of their hips and make them bigger and wider.From exercising, diet, surgeries to creating an illusion of wider hips through clothes, there are a ton of options out there.


Hip Exercises Hip raises,

side leg raises, and squat kicks are some of the exercises that you need to include in your hip-widening regime. Out of all of these, the most effective exercise is side lunges with dumbbells. This is a more advanced version of the traditional lunges and permits more resistance. Due to this, there’s a higher chance of muscle growth and widening of hips.

The side lunges requires you to be standing straight up with your feet at a distance of almost two feet from each other. Point your toes outward slightly. Now, bend your right knee in such a way that you come down in a lunge position. At this time your left leg will be straight.

It’ll function as a pivot. You need to keep going down until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. At this point, you need to use the power of your hip to push you back up and straighten out your right leg. You don’t have to get your feet back together again.

Throughout this exercise, your feet will be at a distance of approximately two feet from each other. Repeat the same exercise on your other foot as well and come back to the original position where both the legs are straight. In fact, this position helps in protecting your knees and enables you to keep the tension on the muscles even better. The resistance is also much heavier.

Now, take dumbbells in each hand. As you lunge on your right leg, your right hand will be on the outside of your right thigh and your left hand will be in between both the legs in front of your body. The hands will swap positions when you lunge on your left side.


Another great way to wider and bigger hips is by doing yoga. Yoga has a lot of poses that are designed to widen your hips. Yoga builds muscle and allows you to become more flexible. As you become lither, you’ll easily be able to do other hip exercises. Some of the yoga poses that have helped women make their hips wider and bigger are the Cow Face, Pigeon, Frog and the Lizard.

Simply Sit

A latest research has shown that by simply sitting put on your butt will eventually widen your hips. The research says that the pressure that forms on the butt and hips because of sitting help generate an extensive fat build-up in those areas and cells tend to respond in such an environment. One researcher further explained that due to sitting for a larger period of time, fat cells get compressed and hence, end up producing more triglycerides and that too at a faster rate. Basically, triglycerides are one of the major forms of fat that is stored in the body.

Hip Enhancement Creams

Multiple hip enhancement creams are available in the market. They work via a variety of methods including repairing the lost elastin and collagen. These creams are also known to raise the rate of generation of muscles around the hips. However, it’d be advisable to shop around and ask anyone who you know about how the cream is and if it works. Of course, the results vary drastically. For your friend it may have worked in a few weeks, while you may not see any significant difference until a few months are done.

Pad it Up

For a fuller and more feminine hip, you don’t really have to make it bigger or wider. You can purchase hip enhancing briefs. These are basically undergarments that come with foam pads. They are removable and help in adding inches to your hips. If you don’t want to purchase the undergarment, you can buy silicone hip pads. You can use adhesive to make them sit properly. Alternatively, you can hold them in place by putting the pads in tights or a pair of pantyhose.

With these additions, you may find it a little difficult to fit into your old jeans. So, a shopping spree may be required.

Alter your Wardrobe

By changing the way you dress and adding clothes to your wardrobe that gives you an illusion of bigger hips, you can achieve your target of wider hips in no time. While dressing, try and make your waist the centre of attraction. So, making use of belts or sashes will draw the attention to your waist. This will make it seem like you have an hourglass figure.

Another thing that you need to remember while buying clothes is that pants in light shades and faded denims will draw attention to your hips. In order to avoid this, select denims that have defined their waistlines. This will accentuate your waist. Another option you have is to buy denims with a straight cut. Try and buy styles that have pockets in the front and smaller back pockets. While buying skirts, ensure that they have multiple layers or may be even ruffles. This will successfully add width to your hips.

Pay Attention to your Posture

To create the infamous S’ shaped figure while you are standing, ensure that your back is straight and your shoulders are dropped and pulled back. Put all your weight on one leg and thrust your hips out.

Consider a Surgery

If you’re willing to spend a lot, then you can also consider getting a surgery done. There are various ways in which your hips can be made bigger. One way is by undergoing liposuction. What this basically does is removes unwanted fat from various parts of your body and injects it in the hip region. You can also consider hip implants. Slices of silicone are taken and placed appropriately to give you a curvier appearance.

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