Gluteboost – Your Guide to a Bigger Butt

by Marie on January 8, 2014



Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Serena Williams, and Jennifer Lopez are some of the women blessed with a full derriere. They don’t really have to do anything to enhance it or make it any bigger. All they need to do is keep exercising to maintain a good-looking butt. While these celebrities can flaunt their behind in sexy bikinis and elegant evening gowns, not many women are fortunate enough to do the same. They wish they had a better and curvaceous butt.

If you’re also one of them, hoping to get a bigger and better-looking butt, then you need to try Gluteboost. It’s a natural product, which means there are absolutely no side-effects. Basically, Gluteboost has two products. It comes with a cream and pills.

Contents of Gluteboost


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Gluteboost Pills

The pills essentially contain 12 ingredients that are naturally available. The main function of these ingredients is to get rid of the unwanted fat and at the same time increase the size of your butt. Each ingredient has a different role to play. All of them work together to make your butt voluptuous. Soy, maca root and saw palmetto focus on increasing muscle growth in your butt. Wild yam, dong quai and fenugreek are responsible for increasing fat storage amount. Rosehip, dandelion, tryrosine, genistein, citrus bioflavonoids and watercress extract have an effect on the entire body. Their main aim is to remove the unwanted fat and improve your overall health.

Gluteboost Cream

The two main ingredients of the cream are volufiline and voluplus. Both these ingredients have been tested and approved. They work in such a way that they give volume to your girl

Basically, voluplus interacts with the adipose cells in your body. These cells’ main function is to create fatty tissues. Voluplus helps increase them for a plumper derriere. On the other hand, volufiline is a combination of certain plant extracts. It functions in such as way that it increases the number of fat tissues in those areas where the cream is applied. These results are permanent and not temporary.

The other ingredients present in the cream moisturize the skin where it’s applied so that it becomes more toned and firmer.

A lot of women have tried Gluteboost, but, the results vary drastically as everyone’s built differently. In fact, Gluteboost can be taken by men as well. So, if you’re a guy stuck with a bony ass, you can possibly try Gluteboost and see the results for yourself.

Gluteboost Users Speak

Kris Jay Baker has been using the pills for two continuous weeks and this is what she said,

“Gluteboost is amazing and it actually works. I started taking one pill a day and within four months I was noticeably a bigger size. I used only half the bottle and got what I wanted.”

Mommy101 absolutely fell in love with Gluteboost. She said,

“I saw the results almost immediately. I strongly recommend this product and would definitely use it again.”testimonial1

Just Curious lost the unwanted fat and put it where it should be. She said,

“I used Gluteboost only for a month. Within three weeks, the unwanted fat was melting away, especially in my tummy region. Initially, it felt like cramps, but, it definitely works. But, the pills smell awful.”

Sabrina’s sister is concave and frequently complained about her flat ass. She got her sister Gluteboost and this is what she had to say,

“I ordered Gluteboost to try it out for six months. I gave it to my sister who started applying the cream and consuming the pills daily. The pills smell nasty and when she applied the cream, there was a tingling sensation, meaning it’s working its magic. Within two months, her butt was noticeably bigger.”

Datina Brown got lasting results within only 45 days of using Gluteboost. She said,

“Individual results may vary, but, I’m very happy and satisfied with what I have managed to achieve through this. Pills, cream and squats helped me tone my behind and gave it a nice shape. Something what I was looking for!”

While the results can’t be guaranteed as they will vary from person to person. Some customers have had some great results within only two weeks of using Gluteboost, while some others have seen a noticeable difference only after three months. As a product, Gluteboost is extremely good, but it does come with some advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Gluteboost

  • Gluteboost is a safe product because it has natural ingredients and uses a herbal formula.
  • It’s also a very healthy product.
  • The ingredients used have been fully tested for consistency and quality.
  • Gluteboost can be used by men also. Many men have taken this product and have had some great results.
  • Since it’s a dietary supplement and a natural butt enhancer, it does not even need a prescription.
  • It’s extremely affordable and after placing the order, the product is shipped in a discreet package in order to maintain your privacy.


Cons of Gluteboost

  • Gluteboost has not been tested along with other medications and supplements. So, if you’re taking other medications, you may not be able to use Gluteboost along with them.
  • Gluteboost requires you to work out regularly and also maintain a healthy diet. If you’re unable to follow the instructions properly, you may not see any results at all.

The Final Verdict

Gluteboost is a natural product but not a miracle worker. So, you can’t expect your butt to become big overnight. Along with the pills and cream, you need to exercise regularly. For instance, squats are known to tone your butt muscles and enhance the way it looks. 4-bottlesadditionally, you need to be strict about what you eat. You need to try and eat healthy foods all the time. This combination of exercise, diet, pills and cream is what gives a customer the best results.

If you’re looking for immediate results, then Gluteboost is not the product for you. There are surgeries and injections, but, they come at a price. Not only are they very expensive, but a slight error can have devastating effect on your butt. Instead of taking a major risk, opting to try Gluteboost for a couple of months will not do you any harm. What’s more is that, Gluteboost comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, they will refund your money.


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